For Cities of Service

Supports mayors to leverage citizen service strategies, addressing local needs and making government more effective.


CloudServeTM for Cities of Service is a powerful tool that enables city governments to efficiently and effectively raise the profile of volunteer service while addressing pressing local needs.

By accelerating the service movement at the most local level—connecting local needs to the supply of willing volunteers in innovative and impactful new ways—Cities of Service aspires to create a new chapter in America’s longstanding history of service while making local government more effective.

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Targeted Volunteering


Match volunteers’ passions and interests with your city’s vision and priorities.

CloudServeTM for Cities of Service is more than an online database of service opportunities. It enables cities to promote and elevate service strategies that address pressing local challenges. This focus on “impact volunteering”—volunteer strategies that target community needs—enables cities to effectively leverage citizen service as a reliable, viable tool to achieve measurable impact.


CloudServeTM For Cities of Service is a white labeled, simple to set up, turn key solution.

It’s not only a resource for your community, but also your communications tool to promote your priorities and initiatives. Customize your site by adding your city’s logo and colors and have control over all the content!

Raise the profile of volunteer service icon

Raise the profile of volunteer service

CloudServeTM for Cities of Service enables you to effectively and efficiently recruit volunteers for community service opportunities.

Engage your entire community icon

Engage your entire community

CloudServeTM for Cities of Service is not just a resource for volunteers and non-profits to come together, but is also a powerful communications tool to promote your programs and initiatives.

Priorotize icon

Prioritize service opportunities

Channel volunteers to specific service initiatives, directly addressing your community needs, making service more effective.

Save time and improve your workflow icon

Save time & improve your workflow

Simplify your service opportunity, organization, and volunteer management. Enable your community partners to submit, manage and update their own service listings, so you can focus on what you do best—policy and community outreach.

Reach more volunteers

Reach more volunteers

CloudServeTM for Cities of Service is mobile responsive. Reach your audience on the go no matter what device they use with a mobile web app.

Track results volunteers

Track results

Site traffic and user engagement reports are available. See most popular opportunities and monitor your community partners’ engagement.

Member Cities
Reid Aiton

The website is easy to use and the team have been great to work with. In fewer than three years we’ve 2000 organisations and 100,000 volunteers registered on the Mayor’s Team London website. At any one time we’ve 50,000 volunteering opportunities within London’s communities on offer.”

— Reid Aiton
Communications & Engagement Manager
Team London

Alexandra Romanczuk

The CloudServe website is an invaluable asset to us in Jersey City; having a website dedicated to cities of service work positively impacts our image and credibility. The local non-profits we work with laud that the website increases their visibility in the community and that’s a big part of our mission. It’s a one-stop shop for our residents who want to volunteer and most importantly it’s easy to use.”

— Alexandra Romanczuk
Cities of Service VISTA
Jersey City, NJ