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We are Yoga & Nutrition Experts

We also have a lot of nutrition and yoga experts

As nutrition experts, we can help you understand your general condition and explain how the food you eat can affect you.

We can also help you create an eating plan to improve your eating habits.

Proper eating habits can help manage diabetes, high blood pressure, or other chronic illnesses.

We can help you calculate your healthy body weight.
BMI or a body mass index indicates your weight status in relation to your height.
We can help you adapt to a new healthy lifestyle by combining healthy eating habits and exercise.

This is where yoga can help you become physically active every day.

As nutrition experts, we also recommend drinking a lot of water every day.

It is generally advised to drink between 8 to 10 glasses of water.

Water is beneficial for carrying nutrients to cells, eliminating toxins, and helping other biological processes.

We can also assist you to adapt to proper eating patterns.

This will help you fully taste and enjoy food, eat only as much as you need, and lower the symptoms of ingestions.

We can also teach you how to do mindful shopping.
While buying food, avoid products with too much sugar and salt, buy whole foods such as fruit and veggies, and no processed food.

This is just the start of your passage to a healthier lifestyle.

Combining yoga and a proper diet can really make a difference.