How To Play Toto And Perform Correct Predication?

Toto is a game that is played globally on different websites. It is a game that involves predicting, which is held by Singapore Pools. It is a form of a lottery game that is legalized. You can buy Toto game from any of the Singapore Pools store located in Singapore. To avoid illegal gambling, especially in Singapore, this game was introduced in Singapore stores. You will come to more about Prediksi Toto Macau further below.

How To Play Toto?

This game is played twice a week on Monday and Thursday. The balls are numbered from 1 to 49, out of which you need to draw six balls in total. Besides, you need to draw an extra ball known as a bonus ball from the rest of the balls. The balls that you have drawn should match those revealed during the lottery. The probability of winning this game is 1 in 13,983,816.

With a probability of 1 in 13,983,816 in the next draw, you get 13, 9834,816 options to pick the right number. This is impossible by using any software to properly predict six numbers that will match with the lottery. Still, there are some tricks that you can use to increase your chances of winning the lottery.

Tips To Play Macau Toto

Nowadays, people can place their bets online for playing Toto. You can win this game if you play it intelligently using some of the tricks and tips needed to play Toto. A few of the tips and tricks to follow while playing this game are

  • Numeric trend- You need to play smartly with numbers in this game. You can closely analyze the past draws to understand which numbers have more chances of being drawn or don’t have any chances of being drawn. For example, if a number has been drawn in the past eight draws, then there is a higher probability of being drawn from the pool than the number that has never appeared in the past eight draws.
  • Random numbers- Often, while picking up a number, people often end up picking their special number related to wedding anniversaries or birthdates, which can range from 1 to 12 or from 1 to 7. In such cases, many of the players can pick the numbers from the same range of numbers, and thus the winning amount could be split amongst the players. To avoid splitting the winning amount, it is suggested to pick a random number from the given numbers. 
  • Mixing the numbers- Having all your pick of random numbers as odd or even gives the less chance of you winning the game; thus, try to pick the random six numbers that balance both even and odd numbers to increase your chances of winning Toto.
  • Selecting consecutively- Besides choosing a mix of odd and even-numbered balls, there is no harm in picking up consecutively numbered balls as well. For example, picking up two consecutive numbered balls like sixteen and seventeen can increase your chances of winning this game too.
  • Not following any pattern- Having a specific pattern of picking up numbers can lead to you splitting up your winning amount amongst other players. For example, often, players pick a diagonal or a horizontal line from Toto’s slip to increase their probability of winning. Similarly, other players can follow the same pattern of picking up numbers, leading to ties. Thus, it’s better to pick up random numbers from the given pool of numbers.
  • Numerology- Though gambling is completely a game of luck and destiny. You can try the application of numerology in picking up the numbers. Different numbers in numerology hold different importance. Thus, numerology can help you win this game.


Thus, you can apply any of the tricks that are mentioned above to play and win Toto. This can lead to successful Prediksi Toto Macau. 

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