Struggling With Hair Loss – Try Out The Best Products For Hair Growth

What causes hair loss?

Hair loss or alopecia can affect the entire body or just the scalp. It can be permanent as well as temporary. Hair loss or any hair-related issues can be a result of hormonal changes, ageing, heredity, or medical condition. Any individual can lose hair from their heads, but this is more common among men.

What are the symptoms of hair loss?

Hair loss can be caused by many factors and can appear in different ways depending on the cause. The hair loss can be sudden as well as gradual.

  • Gradual thinning on the top

This is one of the most commonly seen hair loss types. The gradual thinning increases with age. In men, the hair at the hairline on the forehead starts dwindling. In women, broadening of the forehead happens due to receding hairline.

  • Circular/ patchy bald spots

These spots can be seen on the beard, eyebrows, or scalp. The skin generally becomes itchy or painful before shedding the hair.

  • Sudden loosening of hair

Sometimes an emotional or physical shock can cause sudden hair loss. A handful of hair shedding can be noticed while combing or bathing. This sudden loosening of hair can cause hair thinning but here the thinning is temporary.

  • Full-body hair loss

Some medical conditions such as cancer in which chemotherapy is used can result in hair loss from all over the body. But the hair gradually grows back as the treatment completes.

  • Patches that spreads all over the scalp

This might be a sign of ringworm. These patches may go along with broken hairs, oozing, swelling, and redness.

If any of these symptoms are seen, the individual must consult a doctor. The doctor will then suggest to you the best products for hair growth and hair treatment.

Can hair loss be stopped?

Well, there exists no cure for hair loss, but if we effectively treat the symptoms we can stop the remaining hairs from falling. The regular use of finasteride or minoxidil or a combination of both can help in stopping hair loss.

Can the hair be regrown naturally?

Hair loss can be stopped and treated in many ways. The lost hair can be regrown naturally or chemically. The treatment involves stimulating the growth and enhancing the quality of hair that is still there. Some of the natural ways to regrow hair naturally are:

  • Avoid brushing wet hair
  • Keeping the body hydrated
  • Enrich protein diet
  • Consuming vitamins
  • Applying garlic, onion, or ginger juice on the scalp
  • A scalp massage using essential oils
  • Washing hair with a mild shampoo
  • Rubbing green tea into hair
  • Avoid smoking
  • Don’t stress out
  • Keep head sweat-free
  • Avoid rubbing hair with a towel
  • Scheduled appointments with the doctor

These methods can take a lot of time and effort. You can also use hair products for hair growth. Hair products are cost-effective as well as fast. The results can be seen in just a couple of days. Check out the best products for hair growth. The best solution for quick and easy hair growth.

Why are my hairs shedding so much?

Shedding of hair is common only if it is in a limited or small portion. Excessive shedding of hair can be a result of nutritional deficiency, stress, illness, or crash dieting. If the shedding continues for a long time, it might mean that you’re losing hair at a faster rate, and you might get bald very soon.

To stop the shedding of hairs you can use home remedies or consult hair growth products from the doctor. By using the best products for hair growth you can effectively stop hair loss and start growing new hairs.

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