Sub-ohm pod vapes – New Way to Smoke

Sub-ohm vaping is a type of vaping that generates big clouds of flavours and vapours. This can be achieved by using a sub-ohm device, which is paired with coils of low resistances like a 0.5-ohm coil and with a high output wattage battery or a battery with a lot of power. Sub-ohm also means to have a resistance less than 1 ohm.

Sub-ohm vaping is also called direct to lung. In sub-ohm, you take a deep breath through your mouth which is directed to your lungs and exhales it straight out, just like breathing with huge straw. These are designed to generate huge clouds of vapours. Sub-ohm devices need coils with the reading of resistance below 1 ohm. Wattage settings vary a lot for sub-ohm coils. Its working depends on coil and resistance.  Different subohm pod vape have different resistance and wattage.


Lets see some examples of sub ohm pod vape devices.

  • Eleaf is just pro kit.
  • Aspire BP80 pod mod.
  • voodoo drag mini kit.

Some of the sub-ohm e-liquids are

  • Anarchist 100ml – Anarchist is America’s most premium and remarkable liquid brand which provides great flavours which suit all vapers. You can select flavours from desserts and sweets. For e sweet dessert flavour anarchist white is very famous. You get many flavours with different colours like red for strawberry candy, blue for raspberry Slurpee, black for sugar cupcake and vanilla frosting, blueberry cinnamon for cinnamon pastry, orange for mango, green for apple and butter cookie, pink for pink lemonade, purple for grape bubble gum, watermelon for watermelon candy, and white for marshmallow and graham crackers.
  • Captain pud pud 50ml – A amazing collection of dessert flavours are been manufactured by a UK-based company. These flavours are available in 50/50 mixture and also 70/30 mixture. Beginners tend to go for a 50/50 mixture as it is comparatively thinner in texture and is more convenient for smaller vaping devices with tiny coils. the liquid 70/30 mixture is used for big vaping devices as they have thicker liquids. This is available in flavours such as banana drama for banana split with cream and custard, custard dream for vanilla pods and double custard, D nuts for hazelnut cookie with vanilla bean ice cream, snowy for retro raspberry, marshmallow and coconut biscuits, and Strawream for ripe strawberries with drizzled cream on it.
  • Cider house 100ml – This is manufactured by a UK-based company and this gives a cider-like taste. It is available only in 5 flavours which are blue raspberry, peach, pink citrus, rhubarb, and strawberry & lime.

Dough bear 50ml – Dough bear offers pastry, creamy, biscuits and pie flavoured e-liquid which helps one to satisfy cravings. This is also available in 5 flavours likes angel cupcake which is a heavenly light sponge, marshmallow cookie and vanilla custard, Appleberry pie which has Bramley apple and its blackcurrant pie has a ginger touch, strawberry tart has sweet strawberry layered with jam and buttery base for biscuit, lemon grizzle which is sharp lemon curd and meringue wrapped in pastry and custard, raspberry ice cream which is sweet raspberry with cool and creamy vanilla-flavoured ice cream.

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