Triangle Motel: Everything you need to know

Triangle Motel has a more attractive design. It’s on Greene Street and is easily accessible from anywhere in town. The rooms are neat and comfortable, despite the exterior being a little dated. The motel has recently been renovated, so the amenities are appropriate for any traveller. Suites also include a great room with a futon that can accommodate up to five people. Tourists can meet their basic travel needs with the help of a convenience and fuel store. A triangle motel is also a low-cost option in town. They also serve a basic breakfast menu, but the coffee is excellent.

Is staying in a motel right now safe? What are the dangers?

The first thing that could put you at risk is meeting other people about whom you have no idea about their infectious status. If you believe you are reducing your risk exposure by staying in a motel rather than a big city hotel, do your research to confirm your suspicion, which may or may not be correct. What matters is the prevalence of the virus at that location at that time. Not so good if you live in a small town with a slew of infected meatpackers.

What precautions should I take when staying in a motel?

Check the restrooms and see if the room is dust-free to determine if a motel has been cleaned properly and disinfected. These are the most important areas to inspect first, as they will be a big sign of whether the motel is safe and clean. With modern cleaning policies now in place, the first point you should notice is a hand sanitiser dispenser correct at the motel’s entrance. If there are other people around, your risk will increase. And when swimming, aspirate a little water to avoid coughing. Because it is a respiratory virus rather than a virus in aspects of spread, the people and closeness in that scenario are more concerned about the water becoming contaminated. Whenever it comes to having dinner in a motel, your best bet right now is room service or order delivery from an outside establishment. Once you enter the restaurant setting, your risk level will rise. They can be washed and disinfected. But when the food appears, you’ll have to remove your mask.

Advantages of booking your accommodations through a motel

Booking hotel accommodations can result in a significant price increase, especially when booking through multiple travel websites. Booking at a locally owned motel has the advantage of allowing you to book directly thru their online platform or front-desk service, which can help you save money and time. Travelling can already be very costly, so there is no reason to waste money. Often, motels have a wide variety of people coming and going, as well as staff who aren’t always pleasant. A smaller, locally motel has the benefit of being able to provide a more personalised service to its customers through repeat and seasoned staff. A motel can provide a personalised experience for a large number of customers. The front desk and concierge could provide you with a detailed history of the area you are visiting as well as recommendations for the best places, restaurants, and attractions. Many people believe that a motel is a one-trick pony, but so many motels not only give standard accommodation facilities at reasonable prices, but they also frequently offer family suites, connecting rooms, cottages, or even luxury condominiums. 


Triangle Motel is the place to stay in Silverton if you’re searching for a motel. Triangle motel rooms include a refrigerator, and getting online is simple with free Wi-Fi. Guests can also take advantage of free parking as a bonus. While in Silverton, try local rib favourites Handlebars Restaurant & Saloon or Thee Pitts Again.

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